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He Wants to Calm the Pain for Many People

Danilo with his father, Edgar, July 2019

José Danilo Estrada Cusanero, 13 years old, attends 7th grade. His father is Edgar Benjamin Estrada Yucute, 43 years old. His older sister is Claudia Elizabeth Estrada Cusanero, 15 years old.  They live in Santo Domingo Quimal Village.

On September 9, 2013, Danilo’s mother, very early in the morning, got up to prepare her children to go to school. In the same way, she prepared herself to travel to Chimaltenango to sell cheese, cream and butter.  She went to Chimaltenango every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to sell her merchandise and bring home food. Dad went to work in the field and mom happened to leave her two children at school giving them a kiss, a big hug and telling them “come back! I love you very much.”  Claudia was always attentive with her younger brother and made sure they returned home.

The mother of these two children took a bus from San Martin Jilotepeque to Chimaltenango to sell her merchandise and bring home some food. Unfortunately, the bus where she was going had a horrible accident on the road that led to Chimaltenango, where she and many people lost their lives.

A few hours passed when Danilo’s maternal grandmother came to school to bring him home to deliver the tragic news. From that day the life of Danilo took a total turn, the person who spoiled him, who took care of him, was no longer going to be by his side. The days passed by and for Edgar it was so difficult to get used to the idea that his wife, the woman who was fighting with him to get his family out ahead of him, was no longer at his side.

Edgar, Danilo and his sister Claudia always had the unconditional support of their aunt (sister of the father), her name is Marta Silvia Estrada, 41 years old.  From that day she has been caring for Danilo and his sister Claudia. More than three years passed after the loss of Danilo’s mother when his father decided to marry again. Thank God they have a good relationship with their father’s partner, but if Claudia and Danilo need anything, they go to their father or to their aunt Silvia who has been like a mother to them. Despite the affection and support that his aunt offers, Danilo mentions that the place that his mother has in his heart no one will occupy. Despite the absence of his mother, Danilo has struggled to continue studying, proof of this is that during the six years of elementary school he was an excellent student. In the month of June of the year 2018 Danilo and his aunt approached the Association Men and Women in Action to apply for a School Scholarship because his father could not cover all the expenses of the house and school, he did not have a stable job and earned only Q50.00 per day. Danilo carried out the process that the Association requests to enter the program and thank God he obtained his scholarship for the year 2019. He has stood out for being a responsible young boy, disciplined, honest and very attentive. Again he is an excellent student and has an average of 88%.

Danilo has many dreams but one of them is to become a Professional Nurse, because he knows that through that profession he will be able to calm the pain of many people.