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Graceland University Students’ Memoirs

Nursing students at Graceland University, Independence, Missouri campus, visited us in May 2018 for one week.  Their instructor, Sharon Stoetzel-Little, R.N., asked them to write a journal.  Here are exerpts from five of the students.  

Jose’s Parents Couldn’t Help Him

José Mercedes Ambrosio Saban, now 3 years old, will walk one day thanks to the support and financial assistance from People for Guatemala, Inc.   When Jose was born, Rolando Ambrosio and his wife Yohana, realized something wasn’t right with their son’s foot. They became alarmed and immediately sought help at the local government health

I Don’t Think I Will Ever Be The Same

A New Backpack and A New Beginning

Pedro Alvarado, 12 years old, lives in Pacoj Tres Cruces, a remote village in the municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque. From a very young age Pedro had to go through difficult situations that has deeply affected his life. “My father made a bad decision” said Pedro during his initial interview. “He drank poison and took

Beyond the Exam Room

Ventura is 72 years old and lives with his spouse, age 79. They never had children and don’t have family to care for them.  His wife, Alma, collects aluminum cans to sell to recycling centers to earn 60 cents per pound.  Ventura rises at 4 every morning to travel 5km to feed cattle at a nearby

To Another Person in the World

To Another Person in the World, With Hopes and Dreams, I want to share this gift I received from the church at Christmas.  I’m the janitor, the person who helps keep the church clean. This year I had thought of buying something for myself. Oil painting supplies, or I was going to give it to