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Health Care Saves Children’s Lives

     Patients come to our health clinics because “they heard we will help them.” Every week our health team is overwhelmed with the crucial needs of the people. They treat patients from common colds to rare diseases.
      Juan Carlos was born with spina bifida and cannot use his legs. This child is suffering from a severe infection in his lower extremity and is in constant pain.  Juan’s mother has no means of income and cannot pay for the antibiotics needed to treat her son.  Your contributions help Juan Carlos and other kids like him receive medicine, surgeries and follow up medical care.

Above, Juan Carlos during his first visit in April 2014

Today, Juan Carlos is a thriving 3 year old boy
    Lidia was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate and was starving because her mother could not breast feed Lidia and didn’t know how to feed Lidia with a bottle. Further, her mom didn’t have money to buy formula. We started a nutritional program for Lidia, taught her mom how to feed Lidia with a bottle, and arranged for surgery when Lidia reached her optimal weight.

    Lidia, 11 months old, during her visit at our clinic
After surgery, Lidia is a healthy 16-month old girl. She need a second surgery to repair her cleft palate.
     We treat kids suffering from malnutrition, heart problems, infections, loss of limbs, cancer, diarrhea, skin problems, and upper respiratory infections. Besides helping with the cost of medicine and treatments, parents receive education about healthy living, nutrition, and child develoment.
     Without medical care kids die. Your support is needed to help more kids get healthy and stay healthy.