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To Another Person in the World

To Another Person in the World, With Hopes and Dreams,

I want to share this gift I received from the church at Christmas.  I’m the janitor, the person who helps keep the church clean.

This year I had thought of buying something for myself. Oil painting supplies, or I was going to give it to one of my daughters who is unemployed, but God will provide in another way. I thought about buying extra food, something special for the holidays but that would be forgotten.

So I decided on giving this to you. A person I don’t know, but a person who is going through life just like myself with concerns, and love for others. Enjoy this gift. Praise to Our Creator God, who put this all together to bless us both.

Michael, our Pastor allows us to express what we believe, as individuals, to question why we believe what we believe.  As we worship, or gather as a community, we acknowledge that we are all in the River of God, just at different places along the way of life.

So enjoy your new stove.  I will think of you daily when I use my stove at home.

Blessing upon you and all of those you love and meet in life.


Bill Gray is an Artist in Kansas City, Missouri and works at the Southwood United Church of Christ, Raywood, Missouri