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What We Do

We partner with Mayas living in remote villages in San Martin, Jilotepeque, who have overwhelming needs but almost no resources. Health care, education, adequate housing, and clean, running water – life’s most basic necessities are out of reach for most.

By developing partnerships with families and entire communities seeking help, we teach them responsibility, life skills, and various strategies to work together to accomplish change.

Our integrated approach to improving health and education:

  • Operating a health and dental clinic in a rural village, treating upwards of 600 patients a month
  • Focusing on patient education and encouraging health lifestyle changes
  • Increasing access to information about family planning and provide family planning methods at our health clinics
  • Installing efficient, vented Chapina stoves that use less firewood and reduce indoor smoke that causes respiratory problems and other illnesses
  • Building safe, sanitary composting latrines and training families on good hygiene practices
  • Assisting communities to build water delivery systems that bring clean, running water to every home, reducing exposure to water-borne diseases
  • Empowering women to actively participate in community and household decision-making
  • Increasing job opportunities for young people by supporting education through our scholarship program
  • Training teachers how to teach reading and math and supporting teachers with learning materials and supplies; installing computers in elementary schools
  • Improving literacy for women in remote villages; teaching women how to sew
  • Building new classrooms and upgrading schools with new roofs, bathrooms, and hand washing stations; personal and dental hygiene training


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