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Teachers Helping

Rural schools are neglected by the government and are plagued with inadequate space, insufficient lighting, poor maintenance and broken desks and chairs. The teachers are poorly trained and have no books or teaching materials. Students fail because they are more apt to serve as child laborers instead of attending class, their parents are illiterate so they cannot help with homework, or they simply cannot afford the school supplies.

We work with parents and teachers to strengthen the quality of education and provide access to learning opportunities for rural children. Our Teachers Helping Teachers program is designed to instill the love of learning at an early age.

It started with one teacher, Magely Luch, and nine at-risk kids in kindergarten in El Sargento. We hired a teacher to work in Magely’s classroom one on one with the nine kids while Magely worked with the remaining 18 students in her class. Our Director, Dr. Sharon Carlson, trained both teachers how to use the reading and math materials Sharon designed. After seven months students could spell four and five letter words, print the entire alphabet, and identify numbers up to 100.

We achieved phenomenal success with the pilot program. Young, indigenous kids can learn reading and math skills given activities, materials and well-trained teachers. Today, over 700 kindergarten students in 31 schools are advancing well beyond the Guatemala curriculum for their grade level and age.