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Technology Training

The staggering truth is 60% of the teachers in Guatemala have never turned on a computer. Computers are not available in the majority of the schools, especially in rural schools. Students are at a clear disadvantage. The government’s curriculum requires computer classes, however, they do not supply computers.

None of the elementary school students and the majority of the middle school students in the rural schools had never touched a computer prior to our Technology in Schools program.

To combat this deficiency, we created two programs:

  1. Skills for Life: Technology classes are offered at our Learning and Skills Center for students and adults. Classes are approved by the Department of Education in Guatemala which allows us to provide an official diploma so completion of the classes will be recognized by the Department of Education.
  2. Technology in Schools: Making technology available in rural schools changes the way kids learn. Each classroom is equipped with new computers loaded with grade specific educational software and MS Office. We provide training for the teachers and students. Teachers report improved attendance, more motivated students, improved grades, and the students are better prepared when advancing to a higher grade.

How you can get involved:

The cost to transform a classroom into a technology classroom is roughly $8,000. This includes 15 computers, desks, chairs, dedicated electricity, security bars on the windows, and teacher training.