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Upgrading Schools

The vast majority of rural schools lack government support and are overcrowded. Many have leaky roofs and walls are deteriorating. Most do not have proper sanitary bathrooms or hand washing stations.

Building new classrooms and upgrading schools are critical improvements so teachers have adequate space to create an enhanced learning environment and students will be motivated to stay in school.

Teachers and parents express their needs to us in writing. Before any grant is approved, we arrange a site visit to determine feasibility, the quality of its leadership, commitment of the teachers and parents, and the level of enthusiasm for the project on the part of all involved. We require the community to contribute 20 – 25% of the cost of materials and volunteer their labor for each project.

School projects include:

  • new roofs over existing classrooms
  • installation of lighting and dedicated electricity for computers
  • purchase desks, chairs, and whiteboards
  • installation of running water, bathrooms, and hand washing stations
  • installation of computers in elementary and middle schools
  • construction of school kitchens