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Emergency Care – Critical Needs

When patients need special medical care, families are strapped with the decision to seek help or not. They do not have resources to pay for specialists, tests, lab work, x-rays or surgery. What’s more, their fear of traveling to Antigua or Guatemala City and maneuvering through the maze of paperwork at a large hospital makes seeking help impossible because they cannot read.

Our Emergency Care – Critical Needs fund assists patients needing medical care. Our full-time social worker offers support by making appointments, arranging transportation, and providing financial assistance for appointments, necessary tests, and surgeries.  Patients cannot afford medicine to treat diseases and pain.  Medicine for an arthritic patient can costs upwards of $150 a month.  Since the average wage in rural villages is about $130 a month, there is no money available for medical expenses.

How you can help

Make a contribution to our Emergency Aid fund. The average cost to help a critically ill patient is $250.