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Healthy Families Stove Project

In Guatemala, indigenous women spend 6 – 8 hours every day cooking on indoor open fires. These cook stoves expose families to toxic smoke resulting in chronic illnesses including respiratory problems, eye irritations, chronic cough, and headaches. Children in the kitchen risk life-threatening burns. Excessive consumption of wood causes deforestation and has a devastating impact on the environment.

Efficient, vented Chapina stoves transform the way women cook in rural Guatemala. The stove vents 99.9% of toxic smoke outside and uses 70% less wood. Cooking time is reduced because tortillas can be made while pots are cooking on the same surface. Burns are eliminated and health of the entire family improves.

Our goal is to install 500 Chapina stoves in 2018. For just $140, you can buy a stove and create a healthy, safe kitchen.