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Obras Sociales Health Clinics

Most indigenous families in rural Guatemala cannot afford health care and do not seek medical attention until their illness or disease is advanced. This is particularly troublesome for children with treatable illnesses and malnutrition.

Delivering quality health care is paramount to our core mission.  One full time medical doctor (a general practitioner), 1 part time doctor, 2 nurses, a psychologist, a dentist, a social worker and a pharmacist make up our health team.

Our services include general and preventive care, critical/emergency care, special needs including adults and children with cancer, cerebral palsy, congenital heart problems, spina bifida, cervical cancer screening, and more.  Dental services include cleaning, extractions, and restorative procedures.  During each patient visit, we emphasize education about lifestyle changes to encourage and sustain self-care to live healthier lives.

We engage and empower the local people to have an active role in improving their health. Patients pay a symbolic fee of 20 Quetzales (about $3) for the doctor’s consult and any medication. Patients pay a nominal fee for dental services and psychology consults. For those patients who cannot pay, their treatment and medicine are free.