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Our Founders’ Story

Founders Lois and Ken Werner

In 1991, Lois made her first of many trips to Guatemala. She loved the country but the profound poverty gnawed at her. Ken retired in 2006 and made his first visit in 2007. During that visit he was asked to help “build a house”. Ken’s answer was, “this shouldn’t take too long.” That first house was built in July, 2008. Lois and Ken made a permanent move to Guatemala in November, 2008.

They couldn’t ignore what they saw. In every village there was an absence of running water, no available medical care, chronic malnutrition in children, houses with dirt floors, women cooking over open fires, and contaminated drinking water causing diarrhea and death in children.

The couple founded People for Guatemala, Inc., in 2010, for the purpose of raising awareness and donations in the United States for projects in Guatemala. The couple volunteer their time for People for Guatemala, Inc., and for the Guatemala organization, Hombres y Mujeres en Accion.